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Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Cancer is now an epidemic. Learn how to use diet, nutritional and herbal medicines, acupuncture and lifestyle choices to boost your immunity and reduce your risk of cancer right now. If you are a cancer survivor, learn what you can do to reduce your risk of recurrence.

Dr. Nalini Chilkov, OMD, LAc is an expert in Integrative Cancer Care. She combines thirty years of experiences with her diverse training in Oriental medicine, biomedicine and cell biology to serve patients with cancer and complex chronic illnesses at her integrative medical clinic, Optimal Health and Wellness, in Santa Monica, CA. She is a respected expert in her field and a frequent lecturer at conferences and educational institutions.

Dr. Chilkov is also a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post Living and Wellness section. Her blog can be found at

For more information in the confluence of natural healing and modern biomedicine visit Dr. Chilkov’s websites at and