Telephone and Email Consultation

Telephone Consultations are available for Patients Living Outside the Los Angeles Area

You may communicate with us by phone, fax or email.
It is our policy to respond to all communications in a timely manner. Our staff will take your detailed message and communicate your needs with the doctor. We reply to urgent situations as soon as possible. We respond to all non-urgent and non-emergency calls and emails the same day if received during office hours. We respond the next business day to non-urgent messages received outside of office hours.

The best and most responsible medical care is rendered with the patient present so that the doctor can examine and evaluate you thoroughly.

If you have a brief question, the doctor will address your concerns by phone or email at no charge. If you are a regular patient and your questions are not urgent, please plan to discuss your concerns at your next office visit.

If you require additional discussion or re-evaluation or of your condition or a redesign of your treatment plan and you cannot come into the office for evaluation and treatment, you may set up a phone appointment to discuss your concerns.

Extended phone conversations and emails are billed in 15-minute increments.

Other than brief communications, all of the doctor’s services whether coordinating your care, communicating with your other care providers, performing specialized research, reviewing records, preparing reports and recommendations, responding to your additional questions or requests are billed in 15 minute increments.