Supervised Detoxification Programs:

Supervised Weight Loss and Whole Body Detoxification

Supervised Weight Loss Programs:
Work with our staff nutritionist one on one.  A customized weight loss, eating and exercise plan will be designed just for you.  You will receive meal plans, guidance with food shopping and eating out.  You will be supported and coached so that you achieve your goals and maintain a healthy, lean body.   Specialized nutritional and botanical supplements are used to regulate your metabolism, promoting safe loss of fat while preserving lean muscle.  Body composition analysis is included.

Decrease the load of Environmental Toxins in Your Body
Experience greater energy and clarity, elevated moods and relief from pain.

You will be guided through a safe and easy process that will lower the levels of chemicals in your body and brain.

Exposure to environmental toxic chemicals, drugs and medications, pesticides, preservatives, artificial flavorings and colorings are all part of modern life.  These chemicals do not belong in our bodies.  One of the best ways to prevent illness and achieve lifelong health is to engage in a safe program of nutritional and botanical supplements to eliminate these toxins from our tissues.  I recommend whole body detoxification at least once per year.  Even better, relieve your body of chemical load once each season.  Take a long weekend, ten days or up to a month, depending upon your exposures.