Patients seek care at different stages of their health and wellness process.
Do you have a specific issue or concern?

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Individualized Needs

  • Do you have a serious or chronic illness requiring long-term management?
  • Do you have an acute injury or condition requiring only short-term care?
  • Are you seeking to enhance health and peak performance?
  • Are you seeking to nurture your inner being or manage stress?
  • Are you facing a complex medical decision and want to explore integrative care with a clinician who will help you look at the big picture?

Wellness Visits: Our “well” patients come in to participate in a wellness model that is designed to prevent illness and promote and support robust and radiant health and well being proactively. In a health and prevention model, we keep the patient well and avoid the necessity of treating illness over the long term.

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The HEALING CANCER Support System Healing from Cancer To Health requires a map of the territory and an experienced professional guide.  Learn to create, nourish and sustain health and wellbeing so that the Cancer Journey is a Healing Journey.

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