Access and Manage Your Health Information Securely Online

What Is Google HealthTM?
Google Health is a new Google product that enables you to manage your health information online by gathering the information from multiple healthcare providers (physician, pharmacy, lab, etc.) and placing it in one easily accessible location – your own Google Health Account.

Your Google Health Account Is Secure
Only you will have access to the information in your Google Health Account, unless you explicitly decide to share it with other healthcare providers or services. In addition to importing information into your Account, you can also enter your own health information into your Google Health profile to complete your medical history.

You Are in Control
Only with your consent can participating physicians transmit your lab results directly to your Google Health Account. For added security, your physician will provide you with a letter that contains a unique security code. Once you activate it, your physician will be able to send lab results to you.

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Access Your Quest Diagnostics Lab Results with Ease!

Why is having access to your lab results important?

  1. Enables you to make the most of the time you have with your physician.
  2. Helps you track your results over time.
  3. Assists you in managing your health.
  4. Seventy percent of healthcare decisions are based on lab results.

Additional Tools and Services Offered by Quest Diagnostics to Help You Manage Your Health:

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