Laboratory Testing to Uncover the Causes of Illness

Would you like to uncover the CAUSES of your illnesses and susceptibilities?

Would you like truly INDIVIDUALIZED CARE tailored to YOUR UNIQUE biochemistry and genetics?

Would you like to learn about modifiable risk factors so that you can use diet, exercise, vitamins, minerals, botanical medicines and acupuncture to prevent illness and create lasting vibrant health?

Dr. Chilkov offers both basic and advanced laboratory testing in order to give each patient a customized plan.

Tests include:

  • • Nutritional Status and Nutrient Imbalances
  • • Inflammation and Autoimmune Syndromes
  • • Impaired Detoxification Capacity
  • • Oxidative Stress, Cell Damage and Aging
  • • Metabolic and Hormonal Imbalances
  • • Immune Status and Allergy Testing
  • • Genomic roots of illness and disease
  • • Cardiovascular Disease Risk
  • • Cancer and Inflammation Risk
  • • Osteoporosis and Bone Health
  • • Thyroid Imbalances
  • • Mood disorders

Click on the links below for more detailed information:

Lab Instructions for Patients
Getting Blood Drawn
Shipping your Test Kit
Online Access to your Test results