Labratory Services: Getting Blood Drawn

Getting your Blood Drawn:
We use several different national clinical and specialty labs for our testing.
Take note of the name of the laboratory at the top of your Laboratory Requisition Slip and follow the directions below to determine how and where to get your blood drawn. These national laboratories have patient service centers throughout the state.

Quest Diagnostic Laboratories
Patient Service Center Locations:
Quest Diagnostics
(800) 597-1700

(800) 845-6167
[email protected]


Have your blood drawn at your home or office:
All QUEST and LABCORP patients have the option to go to the Laboratory Patient Service Center OR may have blood drawn at home or office by contacting:

Tender Touch Mobile Labs (Blood Drawing) 
They will come to your home or office by appointment to draw your blood. Your samples will be prepared and shipped by the phlebotomist. There is a fee for this service. Please contact Tender Touch Mobile Labs Service and pay TENDER TOUCH LABS directly.

Sherrell Brown, Phlebotomist
[email protected]

Take Home Test kits:
Specialty Labs:
Genova Diagnostics
Berkeley Heart Lab
SpectraCell Laboratory

If you have been provided with a kit for specialized laboratory testing, follow the collection procedures for at home collection. Your kit contains forms, instructions and supplies.

Inside the specimen kit provided you will find:

  • Specimen collection and preparation instructions
  • Specimen collection supplies
  • Prepaid shipping envelope
  • Shipping instructions

If your kit comes with a freezer pack, please put the freezer pack in the freezer in advance so it is cold when your specimen is collected.

Please be sure to fill out the patient information, insurance and payment portions of the lab slip. Read the test preparation instructions inside the kit.

Click on the links below for more detailed information:

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