Become a New Patient

Telephone Consultations are available for Patients Living Outside the Los Angeles Area.

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What to bring to the first visit:

  • Completed forms
  • A list of all of your current supplements and medications
  • Any pertinent medical records
  • Medical records can only be released with your authorization. A medical records release form is included for your use. You are responsible for obtaining previous medical records from other physicians or health care providers. Please contact your physician or other health care provider to obtain these records.

Your records can be:

  • Faxed to 424-280-3014 or
  • Mailed to Chilkov Clinic,  Nalini Chilkov, O.M.D., 2632 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 496,  Santa Monica, CA 90403 or
  • Scanned and emailed to patients @

What to Expect on the First Visit

I take a meticulous personal and family history. I seek to understand responses to stress and illness and to assess both medical, personal and lifestyle issues. I wish to know my patients well.

I review relevant current and past medical records, prescription and non-prescription medications, nutritional and herbal supplements and diet. Lifestyle factors are assessed including food and nutrition, exercise and fitness, sleep and relaxation and the ability to deal with life stress constructively. I will work closely with your physician and other care providers to coordinate a truly thoughtful and thorough health care plan.

I will also provide patients with educational tools and resources as well as referrals to other health care providers as is appropriate. It is my wish that you will acquire knowledge and skills as well as new tools, perspectives and solutions.

Modes of Treatment

Modes of treatment may include acupuncture, herbal medicine & nutritional therapies, as well as lifestyle, dietary and stress management recommendations. I will assist you in developing an understanding of how to create long term solutions to your problems and to develop self care skills that will keep you healthy and prevent the recurrence of health problems in the future. Any necessary laboratory tests will be ordered.

On the first visit, I will spend approximately one hour with you going over your health and lifestyle history in detail and discussing all of your concerns.

The first visit may or may not include a treatment, depending upon the complexity of your history and the nature of your concern. We will decide together what serves you best at that time. Of course, if you are in pain or suffering from an acute condition, an exam and treatment will be included. If your history is complex the examination and treatment will be done on your second visit.

Allow approximately 90 minutes in our office for your first visit.