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Are you looking for that rare, meticulous clinician who combines warmth and caring with expertise in Integrative Medicine? For more than 30 years I have offered my patients compassionate personal care while combining the best of Acupuncture, Oriental and Integrative Medicine with modern Western health sciences. Using safe and natural therapies we work together as partners to identify and address root causes of illness to create individualized programs leading to long-lasting solutions.

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The HEALING CANCER Support System Healing from Cancer To Health requires a map of the territory and an experienced professional guide. Learn to create, nourish and sustain health and wellbeing so that the Cancer Journey is a Healing Journey using using the best tools from Science and Nature for Health and Healing.

The Difference: Comprehensive Care What are the building blocks for long-lasting health? How do we journey from illness to wellness? A seasoned and meticulous expert in her field, Nalini Chilkov, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist, addresses a wide range of conditions from chronic or life-threatening illnesses to common health concerns. She also sees well patients seeking to promote and maintain optimum health.  Dr. Chilkov is known for her compassion and her clinical excellence. She draws upon over 25 years of experience, combining advanced training and skill in both modern health sciences and traditional healing to provide truly integrative care to her patients.

The Path and The Tools To understand the causes of both acute and chronic illnesses, Dr. Chilkov begins with a comprehensive and detailed review of health history and medical records, including lifetime health risk factors, past and present treatments, diet and exercise as well as the ability to effectively manage stress. Patients are treated with respect and warmth and are encouraged to ask questions and to take an active role in their healing process.

Patients can expect to receive a clear, detailed, and highly individualized treatment plan targeted to solve problems rather than mask symptoms. Dr. Chilkov prescribes a detailed course of  action to effectively help her clients reach their medical and health goals and ensure optimal results. Treatment and assessment include Acupuncture, Botanical and Nutritional Supplements, Individualized Dietary and Exercise Guidelines, Stress Management Instructions, Diagnostic Testing, and Coordination of Care with your Both short-term and long-term goals are identified. This is the beginning of a healing partnership.