About Clinical Nutrition

CLINICAL NUTRITION is the use of diet and nutritional supplements as a therapy and serves as the foundation of natural medicine. There is an ever-increasing body of knowledge that supports the use of whole foods and nutritional supplements in the maintenance of health and treatment of disease. Nutritional therapy focuses on using nutrients like vitamins, minerals and amino acids in appropriate doses.

Nutrients are the Building Blocks of Health
Diet and Nutrition form the building blocks of healthy cells and healthy function.
We evaluate each individual’s unique metabolic type and recommend the appropriate foods and diet to achieve and maintain robust health, a strong immune system, a sharp mind, stable mood and normal weight.

Therapeutic Diets for Specific Conditions
Many conditions such as cancer, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, arthritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, acne and eczema, menstrual distress, and migraine headaches to name a few, respond very well to changes in diet and food choices. Patients with chronic illnesses can see dramatic changes in their conditions by following customized dietary plans. Many patients see a decrease in symptoms and a return to well being.

Nutritional Supplements for Optimal Function and Healthy Aging
Create robust health.
Prevent illness.
Slow down aging.

Optimal levels of nutrients are difficult to consume in a daily diet. We use only the highest quality nutritional supplements to provide optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and co-factors to create and support a high level of function. By providing all of the nutrients needed by our cells every day we build a strong system and are able to prevent illness, regain health and slow down the aging process.

Orthomolecular Nutritional Supplements to Manage Illness and Disease
Nutritional and Botanical supplements can be used to change function. Many patients are looking for alternatives to long-term drug therapy and wish to manage toxic drug side effects. In coordination with your physician we will help you put together a plan that is safe and effective. Dr. Chilkov uses the approach developed by Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling, Orthomolecular Nutritional Medicine. Dr. Pauling believes that if one is provided with the correct level of vitamin, mineral and nutritional input, the body can overcome disease.

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